Understanding High Blood Pressure DVD

Understanding High Blood Pressure DVD

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Created by blood pressure experts

Blood Pressure UK has teamed up with experts from Imperial College London, and St Mary’s Hospital to provide you with the definitive DVD guide to high blood pressure.

Expert advice and knowledge

Renowned professors in high blood pressure use state-of-the-art graphics to show you:

  • how high blood pressure works
  • the best treatments available to lower it
  • what you can do to lower it for yourself.

Others tell it how it is

Personal stories of people with high blood pressure give you frank and practical advice on:

  • what it's like to have the condition
  • what has worked for them
  • how they control it day by day.

Drama shows the way

A high-quality drama, with actors from The Bill, shows how you can:

  • take control of your blood pressure
  • lower it for life.

Know what your doctor knows

Discover the national guidelines and clinical standards your doctor follows to best treat your high blood pressure.


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